1. Hi,

    I love this plug in but when I select the photos to not link, they link anyway. How can I set it so that the photos just show as a justified gallery without the option to click into them? I’ve changed the settings to not show Lightbox and also on the images themselves but it’s still linking.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Emily,
      I know about it. A parameter link="none" doesn’t work. At this moment I have temporary solution for you. Use following CSS code:

      .dgwt-jg-item {
      pointer-events: none;

      The bug will be fixed in the next plugin releases. I added it on my todo list 馃檪

  2. Hi Damian,

    What about performance? I mean, does it always load dependencies (photoswipe.js, etc) even if there is no gallery in the actual page?

    Just wondering. Thank you. Excellent plugin!

    1. Thanks Felipe,
      Performance is also important to me. I have finished working on conditional loading of assets. The dependencies are loaded only on pages, where a [gallery] shortcode exists. It was hard to achieve, but works perfect. This feature will be available in the next plugin release.

  3. I download the gallery, how can i upload the gallery to my website now? Add plugin is only possible as a ZIP file. What shortcut i need to add where?? Sorry I try t built my own website but i am totally new to this.. how someone can help!!

  4. Hi Damian, very good work with your plugin!
    Is it possible to add the ‘Heart Like Counter’ button on each photos in gallery?

    1. At this moment it is not possible. Thank you for the great proposal. Maybe I will implement this feature in the next releases.

  5. Hi, thx for this work!
    is it possible to show just a part of the gallery and display a button above like “load more”

    1. Hi Akal,
      At this moment there is no such feature. I’m now focused on the implementation of “lazy load”. “Lazy load” should be more user frendly for large galleries than “load more” button.

    1. Yes, you can change the size of the images. Go to the Justified Gallery settings page and set “Row height” to larger value.

  6. Is it possible to disable the “download” feature in the lightbox?
    Also, is it possible for SERPs to find each image for an image search on Google, etc?

    1. Now you can’t disable the download button via the plugin settings page, but this option will be added in the next plugin releases.

      Yes, the images are indexed by Googlebot. You can see SERP from this website here. Do you want to add the option to prevent the gallery images from appearing in search results? It seems to be interesting for photographers.

  7. How can I disable the download option of the images in the gallery? I just want to showcase my photography , not let my viewers download it 馃檪 Please let me know if this is something I can disable because I didn’t found it. Thank you very much !

    1. Hiding a “download” button will be available in the “pro” plugin version, I鈥檓 working on. There will be more interesting features especially for photographers. More information soon.

      1. Will this be a payed feature, the disabling of the download button and other options from the lightbox gallery? When will the release be, do you have an approximate date? 馃檪 Thanks for the reply !

  8. Hello 馃檪 How is it possible to fade in the description of the picture? As in your example. And your last two pictures (like the waterfall and forest) are bigger than the other pictures. How is it possible?

    Thanks a lot for your help 馃檪


    1. Hi Sabine,
      Fade in the description of the picture will be available in the paid version, I’m working on. Also there will be other interesting features 馃檪 Keep the plugin up to date.

      Yes, two last rows are bigger because I set the option “Last row” to “Justify”. Go to the Justified Gallery settings page and check it out

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The plugin is based on Justified Gallery by Miro Mannino and PhotoSwipe by Dmitry Semenov

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